There was a time when B2B platform examples were hard to come by. Business to Business (B2B) companies rarely focused on taking their offerings online. However, now this is slowly changing. The marketplace is experiencing a peculiar change. Additions to B2C e-commerce is decreasing as its marketplace matures. At the same time, B2B e-commerce is on the rise. This has paved way for the need of a b2b wholesale platform.

What is B2B platform? It is an online place where B2B ecommerce solution providers deliver their services. It is where online transactions occur. Rather than doing it all manually or over the phone, B2B organizations are also digitalizing it all through platforms like Shopify B2B, Magneto, and WooCommerce. Among the top b2b platforms, Shopify B2B is considered to be the best. This is because of the fact that its offering is customized to the needs of a b2b company,

Key Learnings from B2C companies

Let’s face it. B2C companies adopted the digital platform before B2B companies. This means that they have much better insights about it all than any B2B company could have. This can prove to be very beneficial for B2B companies who can use the insights generated by B2C organizations.

Here are the two key learnings.

Customer Experience is the most crucial element

While B2C companies might have learned it the hard way, in the end, it was realized that customer experience matters the most in E-commerce. Just because you are digitalizing the experience doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your customers the same way you would have before. Customer experience, in the form of guidance and convenience, can either drive people towards your business or away from it.

Ensure that whenever your clients interact with your team, they are left satisfied with the service. Also, add elements to the platform that enhances ease of use and self-service.

Remember that you are dealing with online shoppers

When you are choosing the e-commerce platform to invest in, you must remember who your customers are. They are online shoppers that have grown up with the technology. They have witnessed the digital revolution and have no problem in navigating E-commerce websites on their own. At the same time, they look for convenience and an enhanced digital experience. Conduct a B2b ecommerce platform comparison to find which platform best delivers it all. Shopify is considered to be a top choice. However, your choice may vary.

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