The industry of B2B ecommerce reports to be 4 times larger than B2C market. Being that said, the choice of b2b ecommerce solution could either break or make your business. Since, market is full of many successful b2b platform examples, and the choices to pick from. And every b2b ecommerce solution is built to meet different needs of customer. So what to do?

For this purpose, we recommend startups to perform thorough analysis, conduct b2b ecommerce platform comparison on basis of their features and then choose a b2b platform that perfectly suits their business’ needs.

This article will show you the list of top b2b ecommerce platforms to make the right choice:

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a number #1 choice for those business owners who want to grow faster. When you choose Shopify plus, it becomes easy for everyone in company to operate it. The b2b wholesale platform doesn’t require clients to be a coding expert; instead they have their own experts to help at the backend. Another good thing about this b2b platform is the ability to launch storefronts on various languages and currencies.


Magento as b2b ecommerce solution works great. They are leader in cloud commerce and powering many merchants online. The b2b platform has everything you need for your business like easy online shopping experience, real-time inventory across supply chain, and friction-free ordering. Like Shopify Plus, they also allow b2b merchants to shift their b2b journey to mobile – which is a growing trend nowadays.


It is one of the top b2b platforms that have been offering their services for 25 years. Being a leader in b2b ecommerce space, they claim to adapt to any type of business – small to innovative medium-sized. Intershop is for those who believe in digital commerce and wants effective cloud solution for increased possibility of profits.


This retail and wholesale b2b platform is a cloud-based easy-to-use solution. Some of their best features are custom pricing options, bulk invite to customers, keeping track of order status, and dual order creation process and so on. They also offer convenience to their customers by providing insights about their requirements patterns and hence avoid stock depletion.


B2B ecommerce platform comparison is one of the best ways to choose the right b2b platform. Look at the features of each of the top b2b platforms mentioned above and gear up towards success with ease.



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